"As early as 2012, a survey of 4,000 adult Internet users. found three out of four personal injury victims seeking lawyers looked to the internet to find a personal injury attorney.  One 2014 survey of 3,465 individuals found that 58% of those looking for a legal representative began their search with directory services."


Lawyers.... If You Are NOT Using Social Media... You Should Be



Nowadays, it's a rarity to find someone who's not on Facebook ... unless that somebody is a top lawyer. It doesn't matter what type law practice you have. You could be a personal injury lawyer, car accident attorney, divorce attorney etc. Your clients are using social media every day... why aren't you?


A brand-new analysis from CEO.com reveals that the heads of the world's most effective business still see social media as an interruption, if not a straight-out liability. A full 61 percent have no social media existence at all. Even those who are on Twitter, Facebook or other networks hardly ever sign up with the conversation. You should be asking yourself, How can this be?


Consumer patterns, meanwhile are mapping in exactly the opposite direction. Globally, more than 2 billion individuals are now on social media. The average user spends nearly 2 hours a day on social platforms. Studies have shown that Millennials watch more You Tube than TELEVISION and three from 4 consumers say social media impacts their purchasing choices.


For CEOs and leaders, this pleads the concern: Social network is where your consumers are; shouldn't you exist, too? It's not just CEO's who need to be on social media. Every #attorney in your #lawfirm needs to be active on #socialmedia.


For many executives, time - is often the main obstacle to social media usage. This is compounded by the ROI question: perceptions stick around of Twitter and Facebook as a location where people share breakfast pictures, not a location where major service can happen.


 Social network now provides lawyers and law firms with a direct pipeline into exactly what their customers are thinking and doing - in a la minute time, without any spin from anyone. Better still, this requires very little time and effort. A minute of flipping through a Twitter stream, and I have my finger on the pulse of our clients.


Building trust - both inside and outside the organization. Today, developing trust with clients and relationships  requires providing a genuine, human face. Social media represents one of the most effective methods for attorneys and law firms to do this, efficiently and at scale.


Ultimately, however, the best motivator for attorneys and law firms to get on social media may be basic requirement. Social media represents a cultural shift, not simply a technological one, and it's making the leap to the office. $1.3 trillion in worth stands to be unlocked by companies who determine ways to apply social technologies in the years ahead - not just as marketing tools, however in sales, client service and internal interactions. In the end, it's really difficult for a lawyer to guide this transformation without "getting" social media on some level.


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