Attorneys Newsletter Marketing?

Attorneys listen up ... please. Part of your content marketing strategy should include monthly newsletters to your existing law firm's clients. Why you ask? It doesn't cost you anything to stay in touch with those clients that have already trusted you enough to handle, maybe a personal injury case, a divorce, a car accident. You get it.

Also, research shows that you need to remain, "Top of mind" for your legal clients to reach out to you again when they need an attorney.

Newsletters are a great way to at least hit one "touch point". You need at least 5 touch points for a client just to remember they did business with you in the past.


How To Write Great Newsletters

Your need to identify  potential consumers. You need to also convey a personalized marketing approach for each segment of potential clients to your law firm. You may need to appeal to, for example, a couple that needs a divorce attorney, someone that was recently in a car accident etc.

Your content needs to speak to your different client segments. The more effective you are at speaking to each of your client's needs the more business you will get.

Now it's time to satisfy your potential law firms clients. Given the variety of content types, you need to carefully select what types of content and on what channels you want to produce. Start with the most accessed content sources and go from there. Try a monthly law firm newsletter to do your outreach.

Then add some of these to your content outreach

- Blog sites

- E-newsletters

- Social media site

- Case studies.

- Video clips.

- books

- Discussions.

- Infographics.

- Webinars.

- Apps.

Finally, keep track of your metrics. Don't forget to set goals before you begin your legal newsletter marketing efforts.

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"As early as 2012, a survey of 4,000 adult Internet users. found three out of four personal injury victims seeking lawyers looked to the internet to find a personal injury attorney.  One 2014 survey of 3,465 individuals found that 58% of those looking for a legal representative began their search with directory services."

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