Can Your Clients Find You On Line?

People are already searching for you!

You don't need to persuade individuals they need an attorney. To obtain top quality personal injury leads you only need to:

1. You need to make where people are trying to find attorneys, when they're looking.

2. Make it incredibly very easy and attractive to get in  in touch with you.

Be where people are trying to find attorneys, when they're looking.

So where are people looking for lawyers? Increasingly more, they're looking on-line.

So exactly how do you enter front of those individuals?

There are basically 3 ways in front of people who are searching for an accident attorney when they are trying to find one.

1. On-line Directories

2. Paid search

3. Organic search


On-line Directories

Lawyer Websites like Avvo and also Yelp help people see their options for services, and also compare them based on testimonials.

So, when potential personal injury clients need to find you, can they? We help you get found in the places where potential clients are looking for you

When setting up your profiles, below are some pointers. When you set up your profile on directory sites, use professional images. It’s worth the extra cost to pay a photographer to take head shots. Look professional.


Paid search

To get in front of personal injury accident victims quickly you should use Google Ad Words. Unfortunately, any key word related to “accident” is going to be expensive. So, know what you are doing when you place a Google ad, or all you will do is waste money.

“Internet marketing for accident is costly. Google estimates at least $50 per click for anything associated to accident”.  Donna Skolnick


Organic search

This is the long game. Eventually, you want your website to come up first in search results. However, it takes a long period of time and a great deal of work and effort to get there.




"As early as 2012, a survey of 4,000 adult Internet users. found three out of four personal injury victims seeking lawyers looked to the internet to find a personal injury attorney.  One 2014 survey of 3,465 individuals found that 58% of those looking for a legal representative began their search with directory services."

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