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How to Write an email Subject Line

Part of composing successful e-mails  is nailing the subject line. The subject line is like the gatekeeper of your e-mail: No one gets to review your  e-mail if they  aren't interested in to opening your email to begin with.

The passion for your subject has to come through on the subject line (with the sender name playing a role, as well).

1) Use actionable language. Look now - Don't Wait - Save Now

With email topic lines, making use of actionable language does not always imply using verbs, although it certainly can't hurt.  An example may be to use this as your subject: Show your Dad you love him

You need to find ways to make the  workable language without depending on verbs, which provides you even more room to play around with wording. Exactly what it comes down to is using language that makes it clear to the recipient just what they can do with the info in the email, ought to they choose to open it. Simply puts, maintain the value for the customer top-of-mind.

2) Personalize when possible.

E-mails that are highly segmented have the tendency to have higher performance -- such as open rate and also click through-- compared to emails that aren't customized. A study by Direct Marketing Association, segmented as well as targeted e-mails created 58% of all income for the marketers  and also 36% of profits were driven by emails sent out to certain target segments.

As a lawyer, consider segmenting your emails based on your known client needs. For example, did one of your legal clients recently get into a car accident, or have a slip trip and fall. You can segment your client list hundreds of ways so they think of you as a their lawyer in their time of need.


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